How to choose fish

Seafood CornwallPicking fresh, high quality fish is simple – just follow our guidelines below:

If you are buying whole fish, check that the skin is not damaged, all the scales are intact and the colour is bright and shiny. Make sure that the eyes are clear with bright black pupils. Sunken, cloudy eyes are a sure sign that the fish is past its best. Gills should be bright red and ‘frilly’ looking. Really fresh fish is firm; if you hold the body of the fish, its head and tail should remain straight.

Fillets should be neat, firm and have a translucent white colour.

Smoked fish should have a glossy appearance and a fresh smoky aroma.

Choose shellfish with tightly closed shells – discard any that have gaps or cracks.

When selecting crabs or lobsters, pick them up and examine them – they should feel heavy for their size and should not show signs of any damage.

All fresh seafood should have a pleasant, sharp smell like seaweed or fresh cut grass. If it smells sour or overwhelmingly ‘fishy’, then reject it.

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