Fishing in Cornwall

Seafood CornwallThe variety of seafood landed in Cornwall is staggering. From bass, brill and haddock to crab, squid and scallops, there’s certainly plenty of choice - 40 different species arrive on our shores every day and of that 40, only 12 are subject to quotas. Sustainability is key to the Cornish fishing industry, so you’ll be pleased to know that 10 species on the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘Good Fish List’ are caught and landed in Cornwall on a daily basis.

Fishing has always been integral to the Cornish way of life; today the industry provides thousands of jobs and millions of pounds for the local economy. Cornwall has 326 miles of coastline and 49 ports; huge fishing fleet sets sail from the Cornish coast every day, with vessels ranging from 5 to 40 metres. To protect this vital industry, our fishermen are at the forefront of a revolution, working hand-in-hand with scientists to secure a sustainable future.

Seafood Cornwall collaborates with the fishermen, harbour authorities and fish merchants so that every fish landed is of the highest standard possible. Our quality advisors conduct inspections on board vessels, at fish markets and in processing factories. Seafood Cornwall Quality Awards are only awarded to those boats and fish merchants landing and handling the best quality fish.

With Seafood Cornwall, you can be sure that that fish on your plate is fresh and natural.

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Cornish Fish Producers Organisation
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